Granite Worktops


Granite is a natural igneous rock that is found in an astonishing variety of colours, patterns and textures. Different types of granite come from all over the world, ranging from quarries in Africa, India, China and Italy. 


Granite reflects light, almost like a mirror, and therefore brings light and colour to kitchen surfaces. The variety of granite available can suit every style and taste, from a traditional farmhouse to a modern townhouse apartment.


Granite is also robust, enduring and a practical addition to any kitchen. It is a heat and scratch resistant material that will not mark like wooden or plastic worktops. This also makes granite the most hygienic option, as bacteria cannot grown in dents or scratches.


Natural variations, such as different size crystals and darker areas appear within all natural stone slabs. We therefore advise you to make an appointment to visit our showroom in Cowes on the Isle of Wight to select your piece of stone in person.



Please click on the link provided below to view the range of colours availble from our suppliers:

Kitchen Features


Island pieces are the central focus of any kitchen area. Stoneshop makes beautiful island sufaces that add colour and light to kitchens of all sizes.


There is a variety of sinks that Stoneshop can create for your kitchen. Drainage channels will need to be matched to the style of stone and the layout of the kitchen.


Upstands are key to the finish of a kitchen surface. In large areas a dramatic backsplash will look beautiful and eye-catching.

Granite Finishes

Polished Finish

A polished finish provides a shimmering reflective work surface. It also allows the crystals in the stone to spring to life.

Honed Finish

A honed worktop gives a smooth, matte finish that makes the worktop appear solid and sophisticated.

Antiqued Finish

An antique finish leaves the surface textured and indented. This looks suits a more old fashioned home design.