Flooring and Tiles


Stoneshop sources and installs a diverse collection of tiles to decorate your home. Our selection of materials includes limestones, travertines, marbles, sandstones, terracottas and slates.


The natural stone provides a stunning variety of colours and textures that brighten both interior rooms and outdoor living areas. The tiles can also be customised with one of the available finishes: 'honing' it smooth, or 'tumbling' it coarse and characterful.


Natural stone only gets better with age. It will look sleek and elegant the moment the tiles are installed and will continue to add value to your home for many years.



To view the range of tiles that are availble please click on the link below:


Our Tiling Range


The stones that are suitable for exterior use tend to be slightly thicker in order to be weight-bearing and durable against the elements.


Natural stone offers a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes to tile your home floors and wars.


Terrazzo and Terraacotta are one-trend, durable and full of handmade charm.