Stoneshop manufactures bespoke bathrooms from a variety of different materials.


Marble, quartzstone and limestone all lend themselves to bathroom design, therefore our customers have the chance to create a truly unique bathroom for their home.


Stoneshop provides bathroom cladding, in any material, as well as shower trays, vanity tops, sinks and flooring. All these aspects can be integrated to maintain harmony and visual stability in the design of your bathroom. Underfloor heating can also be incorporated beneath marble and stone floors.


Marble, quartzstone and limestone are all ideal for environments with damp conditions and changes in temperature, due to their low porosity and few maintenance requirements. The beauty of the material is therefore complimented by its durability and practicality.



Marble is one of the most beautiful materials to create a unique bathroom.


Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that is denser than limestone. It is very durable and requires little maintenance. It is usually finished with a polished surface and edges so that the light in the bathroom is maximised.


Please be aware that because marble is a natural stone each slab will vary in pattern and colour, which is why we recommend you make an appointment to visit our showroom and view the slabs on offer.



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Limestone gives a contemporary finish to a stone bathroom.


As a sedimentary rock it is much softer than marble, granite or quartzstone and therefore can give a warm colourful glow to bathroom cladding and flooring. 


Limestone tiles come in a variety of different finishes for you to choose between. Tiles can be honed, for a matte finish, antiqued, for a more rustic look, or polished, to be reflective smooth surfaces.



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Quartzstone is a modern alternative to natural stone bathrooms.


The high durability and resistance of quartzstone means the wear on bathroom floors is minimal. Like marble, the low porosity makes it an ideal product for bathroom cladding and flooring.


With the low absorption level and virtually no joints, the bathroom surface will remain unchanged after its daily use.



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